Art at Times: SURPRISES / Case study: PAOLA PIVI 

Paola Pivi creates fantastic worlds and overturns the usual order of elements by setting up a sort of magic, a sort of “suspension” that goes back to the world of childhood, innocence, fairy tales and amazement.

Have You Seen Me Before? is a work that subverts the idea of plausibility by presenting an impossible creature: a polar bear with feathers, that questions us already by its title and that triggers us to reflect upon the representation of animals within art history and the ethics of the relationship between Man and Nature.

 Video lesson 

Art at Times... Surprises (L'arte a volte stupisce, Ita. 2014, dur. 8' ca.)

Credits: video by Studio Lulalabò | dir./script/edit., Luca Aimeri | script collab., Elena Stradiotto | camera, Ivan Augello | graphic-d., Laura Calvini | act., Leonie Heys Cerchio | prod., Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Fondazione CRT.

Main artwork: Have You Seen Me Before? (2008), by Paola Pivi

Other cited Pivi's works: I Wish I’m a Fish (2009) | Untitled (Zebras, 2003) | Untitled (Donkey, 2003) | One Cup of Capuccino Then I Go (2007) | Untitled (Airplane, 1999) | How I Roll (2012)



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