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A multimedia interactive map:

enter and explore contemporary art and its world;

discover key-concepts, mediums, themes, artists, artworks, places, jobs;

create your own theme-based analysis, lessons and workshops.

Art at Times... is an e-Book is a bilingual e-book conceived in order to introduce the key concepts of contemporary art (museum, artist, video, performance, installation, etc.) and to create theme-based analysis: an interactive map which permits to engage in different paths, by differentiating the lessons and workshop proposals each time.

Every medium of contemporary art is dealt with by means of a selection of artists who talk about their story and the artworks that represents them the most: from painting to video-art, from photography to performance, sound and new media. Each work has its own description, complete with images, links to artists and museums, videos, interviews, audio contributions and a glossary, which is useful in order to clarify specific terminology.

Thought expands, by considering how contemporary art can - for instance - tell a story, be political, steal, mix everything up, be an idea...

The Art at Times e-book offers, furthermore, to narrate different elements that have to do with contemporary art, such as, for example, the buildings that are dedicated to it (focus on architecture in Art at Times is... a Museum), or its professions, thanks to the professional workers at the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, who have described their work (press release, curator, cultural mediator…) in a series of short videos and interviews.

Explore the e-book and then... Try This At Home: 11 contemporary artists, 11 downloadable workshops!

Try This At Home
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