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 Art at Times: PERFORMS / Case study: GOSHKA MACUGA 

The Letter is part of a larger project that the artist realised for an exhibition based on the theme of censorship.

For this exhibition Goshka Macuga has re-enacted a historical performance by Tadeusz Kantor, in which seven postmen took an enormous letter around the streets of Warsaw.

The performance was photographed and its photograph was transformed into a tapestry.

In The Letter the idea is that art can be a medium for protest and dissent, and to make one’s own voice be heard through action and by using words and images in a subversive way.

Goshka Macuga

 Video lesson 

Art at Times... Performs (L'arte a volte agisce, Ita. 2014, dur. 8' ca.)

Credits: video by Studio Lulalabò | dir./script/edit., Luca Aimeri | script collab., Francesca Togni | cam., Ivan Augello | edit. assist., Iacopo De Gregori | graphic-d., Laura Calvini | act., Leonie Heys Cerchio | prod., Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Fondazione CRT.

Main artwork: The Letter (2011), by Goshka Macuga

Other cited Macuga's works: The Nature of The Beast (2009) | Plus Ultra (2009) | Notice Board (2011) | It Broke From Within (2011) | Of What is, That it is; of What is Not, That it is Not (2012)



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