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 Art at Times: MAKES YOU THINK / Case study: GABRIEL KURI 

The materials that Gabriel Kuri prefers are ordinary and worthless objects, which have often been rejected (such as tin cans and plastic bags) or objects that are not taken into much consideration (such as rubbish bins that are all over the city streets).

In Untitled (Magenta Stripe Gobelin) the chosen object is a till receipt that was transformed into a tapestry that was weaved by the Gobelin technique, which was historically used for the tapestries that were made for French high-class houses, and it is thus enlarged as if it were a monument.This contradiction between the simplicity of the starting object and the excessive attention to detail in its production has a great communicative power, and makes us reflect upon themes such as economy, the relationship with the ordinary and the symbolism of materials.

Gabriel Kuri

 Video lesson 

Art at Times... Makes You Think (L'arte a volte fa pensare, Ita. 2014, dur. 7' ca.)

Credits: video by Studio Lulalabò | dir./script/edit., Luca Aimeri | cam., Ivan Augello | graphic-d., Laura Calvini | act., Leonie Heys Cerchio | prod., Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Fondazione CRT.

Main artwork: Untitled (Magenta Stripe Gobelin, 2007), by Gabriel Kuri

Other cited Kuri's works: Carretilla II (1999) | The Recurrence of The Sublime (2003) | Waiting Stub Lettuce (2004) | Untitled (Aviones en cìrculo, 2006) | A Calculated Journey Into a Calculated Experience (2007) | Upside Down Horizontal Line (2008) | Donation Box (2011) | Waiting Spent (2012)



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