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 Art at Times 

Art at Times is the cycle of video-lessons in English made for the project I Speak Contemporary: an opportunity to get the school world closer to the world of contemporary art.

The idea is to create a format for the fruition of the methodology that the Educational Department of the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo applies every day in the work with teachers and students by means of video: the reading of an artwork that begins with a collective observation, goes via asking questions and finding answers, so to arrive at interpretation, without leaving aside practical elaboration and the presentation of the artist and his or her poetical vision.

Therefore art at times surprises, as in Have You Seen Me Before? by Paola Pivi, a bear made out of yellow feathers as chick would have. Art at times acts, as does The Letter by Goshka Macuga, work that starts as a performance then becomes photography and tapestry. Untitled (Magenta Stripe Gobelin) by Gabriel Kuri stimulates curiosity by decontextualizing and enlarging a simple everyday object (a receipt), while La Rivoluzione Siamo Noi (We Are The Revolution) by Maurizio Cattelan supplies us with the opportunity to talk about an art that pays attention to itself by means of quotes, self-portraits and irony. The video-installation The End – Rocky Mountains by Ragnar Kjartansson, combines music, cinema and performance expressions; while the most recent production 9/12 Front Pages by Hans-Peter Feldmann, questions the potentiality of photography as a means to stop time, by telling both collective and individual stories

Teachers have the chance to follow directions autonomously, by utilizing the video-lessons as a didactic tool for interpreting images, but also for the creative re-elaboration of contents, and as a support for learning the English language.

In 2017 the project took benefit from a new tool: Art at Times... Is An e-Book, the bilingual e-book conceived in order to introduce key concepts in contemporary art (museum, artist, video, performance, installation, etc.) and for theme-based analysis: an interactive map which permits to engage in different paths, by differentiating the lessons and workshop proposals each time.

Art at Times lets us discover a few of the most interesting artists representing our times, and their different methods of working, backgrounds and approaches.

The interpretation of their artworks gives us the opportunity to identify a great variety of themes to reflect upon, while reconstructing a dynamic and accessible ‘alphabet’ of what is contemporary.

FSSR Education Department
head of department: Elena Stradiotto
coordinator: Francesca Togni
workshops, accessibility and art mediation: Anna Maria Cilento, Alessia Palermo
diderot project: Gabriella Dal Lago, Elisa Rugolo

Video-lessons, Graphic design, e-Book, Website

Studio Lulalabò (Luca Aimeri, Laura Calvini)

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