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 Art at Times: STOPS TIME / Case study: HANS-PETER FELDMANN  

Hans-Peter Feldmann is a German conceptual artist, known first of all for his photographic works. Feldmann uses either his own original shots or “found photographies” that he has collected.
His main themes are: time and memory, patterns and icons, images and looking.

Repetition is the key to his method.
For 9/12 Front Page, Feldmann collected and exhibited 151 newspaper front pages from all over the world, dated 12th September 2001: “the day after” the attack on the Twin Towers.
It was a terrorist attack without precedents, and the greatest media event of all times: the tragedy was shown live all over the world; the same moments were fixed by video footage and photographs from thousands of points of view; the non-stop repeated images became icons immediately; collective imagination, memory and history were redefined in a few hours.  
All this is sealed in the front pages of the day after, which Feldmann exhibits free of any comment, allowing them to speak for themselves.
In those pages, the artist finds his themes again: suspended time, memory, an action broken-up into a series of shots, repetition (of images, words, page layout, message).
By setting up an entire room Feldmann created an installation in which time, as it did in 2001 in front of the television, seems to have stopped: a space dedicated to memory..

Maurizio Cattelan

 Video lesson 

Art at Times... Stops Time

(L'arte a volte... ferma il tempo ,  Ita. 2018, dur. 11' ca.)

Credits: Video by Studio Lulalabò | dir./script/edit./sound d., Luca Aimeri | superv., Edu. Dept. FSSR | camera, Jacopo De Gregori | graphic d, Laura Calvini | music: Stefano Croce, A. Labs | mediator, Leonie Heys Cerchio | prod., Fond. Sandretto Re Rebaudengo,  Fond. CRT.

Case study: 9/12 Front Page (2001), by Hans-Peter Feldmann (installation at FSRR)

Other artist's cited artworks: all images in the video are by the artist, and they are mainly from

- Helena Tatay (editor), Hans-Peter Feldmann,

Katalog/Catalogue, König Books, London 2012; 

- Hans Ulrich Obrist/Hans Peter Feldmann, Interview.

Walther König, Köln 2010;

Altre fonti: web (vedi LINKS)



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